001 Exterior Wall with Thin Brick 

We did this exterior wall in thin brick stone veneer in the past. Altogether, for construction costs and any questions, please contact the sales department. We also offer smaller and larger scale jobs. In Addition below is a breakdown of information for the Job ID # 001 Finally, Contact us for more details and a free quote.

001 Exterior Wall with Thin Brick


  • Job Type: Residential
  •  Service: Exterior Walls
  •  Stone Type: Thin Brick
  • Color: Obsidian

Also Sizing Details:

  • Total Square Feet: N/A
  •  Length: N/A
  •  Width: N/A
  •  Depth: N/A

Lastly Location Details:

  • Company: N/A
  •  City: Schuylkill Haven
  •  State: PA
  •  Zip Code: 17972

001 Exterior Wall with Thin Brick

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